Common Questions

Why travel with QUEBRATOUR?
The QuebraTour is a trademark registered especially suited to young (but not only), the QuebraTour is fully licensed to work as a Travel agency and thus meets all the legal requirements to offer you all the guarantees of safety and professionalism. Our team, in addition to experienced, working thoroughly to offer you a successful trip. In QuebraTour work to offer the best possible service and a journey full of happiness and joy. We offer our clients (which easily become our friends) a good price because we do not just want to offer, we invite you in to join us, and with us an unforgettable experience.

In QuebraTour of travel can only participate students?

All people are welcome to participate in our travels. May participate in our travels all your friends, family, colleagues (...). Our team has extensive experience with all types of travelers, is prepared to offer you a multilingual service typically Portuguese, Spanish or English.

I divide my pay for the trip into two parts or I have to pay any money?
You should always contact us to find out the conditions of payment, this information is also available on our Terms and Conditions.

If I want to take a trip with my friends and I need some help, you can get in touch with you?

Of course, you are very welcome to do so should contact us at any time. We will help you obtain a visa, arrange accommodation, offering the best and most economical way to arrive at your destination, giving practical advice from our own experience, etc.

What should I do if I can not participate in a trip already paid? Can someone replace me?
Yes, your friend could join if there are no special requirements for the trip (eg change the plane ticket, which will cost you extra for you / your friend). At any time, please contact us via email: Also, please read the Terms and Conditions on Cancellation / travel changes.

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